The Team

Henry Ssebaggala
He has been an independent IT consultant since 2004 working with technicians providing IT support in mainly networking and hardware. Henry facilitates and implements continuous improvements of IT engineers and trainers in their respective domains to ensure proper services in a timely manner. He has good knowledge of technologies and skills including new hardware platforms, new networks, new operating systems, management tools, new standards and IT client/vendor relations. Henry focuses on exploring skills that the company needs to run efficiently including day to day management decisions.  He holds a Bsc. in Information Technology, Certifications in Hardware and Networking.

Azhar Hussain
Chief Technician and trainer
Electronics Engineer of Pakistan origin with over 15 years’ experience in PCB boards layout diagnostics repair, assembly components and verification procedures. Familiar with analogue and digital systems, logic analyzers, digital multi meters, defining, functional test & verification procedures. He calibrates electronics and RF equipment including meters, power supplies, and oscilloscopes. He manages machinery for inventory control and work scheduling. Guides and supervises technicians in case of escalated problems. Azhar is an electronics Engineer.

Henry Robert Muwanika
Systems Engineer
With 10 years’ experience in installing, testing, upgrading and maintaining electrical systems. Qualified IT professional with a vast knowledge in telecommunication solutions. Skilled in Bio Matrix solutions and time attendance solutions, project manager with knowledge in structured cabling for voice and data networks, design and implementations, userful desktop multiple installations. A Panasonic approved installer/expert, Certified Compaq professional and holds a Bsc. in Computer Science.

Nicolas Peter Lubwama
Technician and trainer
He has good knowledge in electronics systems troubleshoot & repair. Managing maintenance plans, good to identify defects with various circuit boards and make replacements. Works with other technicians for big troubleshoots and fixes. Knowledge in the Internet of Things (IoT) with wide range of technologies and skills including new hardware platforms, new operating systems.  Nicholas fully accredited in Electronics engineering.

Ndizihiwe Bertin Regis
Technician and Trainer
Very good quality assurance procedures.  Proficiency in evaluating each major piece of component and proper operation.  Excellent  in computer controls, digital circuitry diagnostics and operational testing. Capable of handling multiple tasks and very quick in replacing faulty parts and retesting systems. Experience in inter-related circuits and electro mechanical systems. Bertin is a certified Electronics engineer.

Manafi Shambi
Experience in Assembling, inspecting, repairing of electronics systems and circuit boards. In charge of upgrades and maintaining electrical equipment. Managing log sheets for repairs, technical manuals. Following up with clients in case of complaints and guarantee given after repairs. Check functioning of newly repaired machines. In charge of sending reports for machines brought in repaired taken or in need of replacement parts. Manafi has a degree in Information Technology.