Our Services

Our Services and Products;

• Repair and maintenance of computer systems (desktops, workstations, appliances, LAN Stations & Servers with a full set of services concerning investigation, development, installation, maintenance of LAN & WAN).

• Repairs of Notebooks, Mac-books and handhelds with a full range of accessories.

• Repairs and maintenance of printing all-in-one/multifunction machines, print servers and network software, large-format printers and plotters.

• Repairs of digital imaging and audio - scanners, digital projectors, digital audio devices, digital senders and photography.

• Storage and disaster recovery - choose from storage area networks (SAN), disk arrays, network-attached storage (NAS), tape and automated backup, server-based storage, disks, storage media, DVD and CD products.

• Servers - super scalable servers and server appliances for tower or rack-mount environments, internal system expansion or simplified clustering.

• Networking - home networking, switches and hubs, storage area networks (SAN), print servers and network software, modems, UNIX-server connectivity, output management and document delivery.

• Communications – Oportunities to chose from three levels of single-user or multiple-users accounts – standard, plus, premium; Virtual Private Networks (VPN) building between different subsidiaries or remote locations of enterprise, medium, small business, governmental or non-governmental organizations, etc.; VoIP systems building.

• Monitors - PC monitors, LCD and multi-media displays.

• Software distribution.

• IT skills and knowledge trainings in PC electronics repair and maintenance.

Our business model for repairs was designed around repairing obsolete and damaged electronics that most electronic repair facilities would not ordinarily repair. Because of that, we are proud of our reputation of being able to repair the "unrepairable".

So where most electronic repair facilities would recommend expensive upgrades to your equipment, we come in by helping your company save money by providing fast, accurate, and cost-effective repairs.

New USA Technology Ltd will continually strive to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and employees while becoming the most dependable, highest regarded service company around. We are committed to complying with customer requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.